Cabriolet Roof Repairs



Recent Testimonials

  • "I know about cars but never dealt with hydraulic roofs I scoured the Internet found lots of useful tips but when it came to some of them I just didnt have the knowledge found Ma..."
    Matt Bussell
    Peugeot 306 cabriolet
  • "Martin diagnosed and repaired successfully a problem on my Peugeot 306 Cabriolet. It's now working really well. Martin really knows his stuff, is great at letting people know st..."
    Tim Moyle
    Customer & Owner of 306ATT
  • "Martin is a genius. He got my Peugeot 206 Cab roof working in about an hour, and was able to explain everything that he'd done to the mechanism. I'd done some research onlin..."
    Mark St. Andrew
    Sorted my Peugeot 206CC in about an hour!


 Cabriolet Roof Repairs is a long standing family run company here to assist all cabriolet owners with their roofs.
Most convertible roofs are made up of a hydraulic system to raise and lower the roof and an electrical system to activate the hydraulics.
If either one of these goes wrong it can be costly to repair if taken to a dealer.

 I have repaired over 200+ roofs which include replacing hydraulic hoses and rams, fitting new pumps and repairing electrics.
I am also able to offer servicing on the convertible roofs for long term fault free usage.