Cabriolet Roof Repairs



Hydraulic Roof Hoses

The standard Hydraulic hoses used on most cabriolets are a nylon braided core coated in plastic. Over a period of time the plastic coating can split and fall off exposing the inner core. This increases the chance of damage and the hose eventually failing.

The hoses i use when repairing the hydraulic system have a stainless steel braided core which are rubber coated. This enables the hydraulic system to constantly reach the optimum pressure required to activate the roof and gives the hydraulic hose high protection. Even if the rubber outer coating starts to fail, the stainless steel core has the strength to protect itself

Replacement Rear Window

The rear window on some cabriolets are made of plastic which are zipped into the canvas roof and sealed around the edges. Over time the plastic becomes cloudy, brittle and fold lines can occur from continual raising and lowering of the roof. This restricts visibility to the rear of the car.

I am able to supply and fit replacement rear screens.


Engine Running Roof Modification (Peugeot 306 cabriolet)

The Peugeot 306 Cabriolet roof was designed to work only when the engine was turned off. This puts a lot of strain on the car battery and the roof can struggle when being opened or closed depending on the condition of the car battery.

Converting the roof to work while engine is running is a very simple procedure and can extend the life of the cars battery as well as making the roofs raising and lowering process quicker.